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San Diego – Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorney

At the Mitchell Law Corporation, we understand the severe physical, emotional, and financial strain associated with a serious work-related injury or illness. We also understand how daunting of a task it can be finding the right San Diego workers’ compensation lawyer. Our experienced legal team can help individuals suffering from a serious work-related injury or illness recover various workers’ compensation benefits, such as:

  • Doctor visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Job displacement benefits
  • Medical-related travel expenses.

Work accidents, such as scaffolding accidents, heavy machinery accidents, crane accidents, chemical spills, explosions, fires, and slip and fall accidents, can cause potentially life-threatening injuries. Work-related accidents may also result in the tragic death of a worker. The workers’ comp attorneys in Los Angeles at the Mitchell Law Corporation will work vigorously to defend the legal rights of individuals who have suffered an injury at work, or worse, suffered the devastating loss of a family member. Our experienced team can help victims navigate the complex legal system and offer support during what it for most, the hardest time of their lives. Keep in mind, without aggressive legal representation; it can be very difficult for victims to secure a settlement that meets both their current and future medical needs.

Report Your Work-Related Injury Immediately

Keep in mind, if you were injured in a work-related accident or developed a work-related injury, you must fill out and submit a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DCW-1) to your employer within 30 days of the date the injury was sustained or the date you became aware of the injury. After submitting your DCW-1 form, your employer has five days to file the claim with their insurance carrier on your behalf. Before speaking with an insurance agent, however, we highly recommend you speak with a work comp attorney in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation first.

Help for Work Comp Denied or Delayed Claims

If you received a letter that your workers’ compensation claim was denied or your employer delayed reporting your work-related injury, we highly recommend you phone our firm as soon as possible. It can be difficult to challenge a denial or delay without expert legal representation and we can help get your case back on track.

Speak to a San Diego Workman’s Comp Attorney Today

Per California law, every victim has a specific amount of time to file a workers’ compensation claim. In most cases, a victim has one year from the date he or she was injured to file a claim, however, the time allowed to file a claim may vary depending on the victim’s injury. If a claim is not filed within the time allowed by the state, the victim may be denied the ability to file a claim and therefore, will not be allowed to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. Our experienced team of lawyers has litigated thousands of workers’ compensation cases and can protect victims from filing deadlines.

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

In addition to handling workers’ compensation cases, the experienced personal injury lawyers in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation also represent clients who have suffered a serious injury in various types of accidents, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Defective products
  • Dog bites
  • Wrongful death
  • Construction site accidents.

Unlike many personal injury law firms, we approach every case as if it were our only case and treat every client how we would want to be treated. Our legal approach allows us to maintain intimate contact with our clients and ensure they receive the money they need for the damages related to a serious injury. The various types of damages we have recovered for our clients, include medical expenses, physical pain, emotional distress, and lost wages.

Schedule a Free Case Consultation Now

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious neck injury, back injury, head injury, brain injury, spinal cord injury, burn injury, hand injury or any other type of serious injury in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another person, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm today. Call our office now to schedule a free case consultation. During a consultation, we can discuss the accident, your injury, and how much compensation you may be entitled to. We may be able to accept your case on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing until we recover compensation for you.

Los Angeles NFL and Professional Sports Injury Lawyer

Our success handling complex workers’ compensation and personal injury cases has allowed us to work with some of the best in the field of medicine. Working alongside our team of medical experts, we have conducted extensive research on sports-related injuries and represent clients with National Football League (NFL) and professional sports-related injuries. We know the devastating effects a serious NFL-related concussion or other type of serious injury can have on victims’ physical, emotional, and financial well being. We will not rest until our client is fairly compensated for the damages related to a professional sports injury.

The Connection between Concussions and CTE

In particular, we have focused on the research connecting concussions and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, also commonly referred to as CTE. CTE is a degenerative disease caused by repeated trauma to the head and is primarily found in professional athletes participating in contact sports, such as football, hockey, and boxing. Common symptoms of CTE include memory loss, confusion, depression, and aggression.

If you are a former NFL athlete or a former professional athlete who participated in a contact sport and have serious work-related injuries, contact our law firm as soon as possible to discuss your potential case. Our ethical NFL and pro sports injury attorneys in San Diego may be able to get you the compensation you need to help put you on the path to recovery. Even if you did not play for a California sports team or it has been many years since you played professionally, we may be able to help you, so please call our office today to make an appointment.

Fighting for Victims’ Legal Rights

The workman’s compensation attorneys in Los Angeles at the Mitchell Law Corporation are passionate about protecting our clients’ legal rights and if hired to represent you, will fight aggressively for your rights as well. We have recovered millions for suffering clients and may be able to get you full and fair compensation for medical care, hospital visits, physical therapy, emotional strain, and lost wages. To learn how we can help, call us at (310) 442-9380 if you are in the Los Angeles area or at (619) 702-6518 if you are in the San Diego area. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing until we get you compensation. Don’t wait to contact us till it is too late. Call our firm today.