Slip and Fall Accidents

Los Angeles Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Almost every person has at some point in his or her life slipped, tripped or fallen. Although most individuals typically only suffer minor bruises and cuts, many victims suffer serious injuries as a result of slipping, tripping or falling. What can cause an individual to slip and fall? In many cases, a dangerous or hazardous building condition can cause a serious slip and fall accident to occur, however, many factors can contribute to a devastating accident happening, such as:

  • Inadequate fencing or railing
  • Slick and slippery surfaces
  • Poorly maintained stairs
  • Unguarded heights
  • Faulty structures
  • Uneven walking surfaces
  • Falling objects
  • Unstable work surfaces.

The experienced slip and fall accident lawyers in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation have a successful track record handling these types of cases and can help injured victims recover financial compensation for signifiganct damages. Please do not attempt to handle negotiations with insurance companies by yourself. Several studies have shown that individuals who hire an experienced attorney recover significantly higher sums of compensation than those who hire inexperienced representation.

San Diego Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

Almost any type of injury can be sustained in a slip and fall accident, including back injuries, neck injuries, broken bone injuries, hip injuries, and hand injuries. Individuals who have fallen from an elevation can suffer severe impalement injuries, amputation (limb loss) injuries, and internal organ injuries. Brain injuries, head injuries, and facial injuries can occur if an individual falls and hits his or her head on the ground.

What to do After Suffering a Serious Injury

After suffering a serious injury in an accident on someone else’s property, the slip and fall accident attorneys in Los Angeles at the Mitchell Law Corporation highly recommend you take immediate action to recover compensation for accident-related damages. Please do not hesitate to:

  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident
  • Notify the property owner of your accident and obtain a copy of the incident report (if a report was filed)
  • Document your injury and take photos of the accident scene
  • Speak to one of our experienced lawyers before talking to an insurance agent or accepting a settlement.

Proving Negligence

Please keep in mind, in a premises liability claim (area of law governing slip and fall accidents); victims have to do more than prove they were injured. Victims must also prove that the negligence of the property owner or manager contributed to the accident occurring. Proving negligence on the part of the property owner or manager is not easy, however, with one of our ethical San Diego slip and fall accident lawyers by your side, you can rest assured we will use every resource to prove you were injured through no fault of your own.

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