Construction Site Accidents

Los Angeles Construction Site Accident Attorney

The potential for a serious injury or death to occur at a construction site is much higher than other industries. In 2010, more than 32 percent of the nation’s fatal work injuries were associated with the construction industry. In California’s larger cities, such as Los Angeles and San Diego, construction worker fatality and injury rates were among some of the highest in the nation.

Construction site accidents can inflict potentially life threatening, permanently disabling and disfiguring injuries. The various types of injuries a worker can sustain while on the job, include spinal cord damage, burns, open or closed head injuries, broken bone injuries, and severed fingers or limbs. Oftentimes, injured workers are unable to return to work and in some cases, may never be able to perform the duties associated with their job.

Getting the Support You Need

At the Mitchell Law Corporation, our ethical construction site accident lawyers in San Diego believe it is imperative injured workers receive the support they need to recover both physically and financially. Immediately upon hiring, we will not waste any time employing our team of experts in the fields of medicine and investigation to assist us in the work-up of a case. Our quest for justice on your behalf will not stop until you are awarded significant monetary compensation.

Why do Construction Site Accidents Happen?

There are a number of factors that can cause a construction site accident to happen, such as:

  • Supervisor or superintendent negligence or recklessness
  • Unsecure or unstable walking surfaces
  • Defective or malfunctioning machinery or equipment
  • Unmarked pits or live power lines
  • Insufficiently stored gases, explosives, or chemicals
  • Poorly braced trenches
  • Overloaded cranes
  • Poorly trained workers.

Know Your Legal Rights

No matter what factor (or factors) contributed to an accident occurring, it is important injured victims know their legal rights and options. To learn what your legal rights are and if you are eligible to file a personal injury claim, contact a construction site accident attorney in San Diego at the Mitchell Law Corporation today. We can determine who is at fault for the accident and make sure the negligent party is held accountable for his or her actions.

Please keep in mind, the state only allows victims a limited amount of time to file a personal injury claim. Because every case is different, the amount of time allowed varies. We can inform you of the time you have to take legal action.

Construction Accident Wrongful Death

In addition to handling construction site accident personal injury claims, our experienced legal team also handles cases involving the tragic death of a family member while on the job. We know that no amount of money could ever replace the life of a loved one. Our goal when representing grieving family members is to get them the funds they need to pay the costs associated with a horrific loss, including funeral expenses, burial costs, final medical bills, and deceased lost benefits.

Why Wait to Seek Help?

Why wait to seek help? There is no better time to reach out to one of our compassionate construction site accident lawyers in Los Angeles, so please call (310) 442-9380. If you are in or near San Diego, please call (619) 702-6518. With our representation, you can greatly increase the amount of compensation awarded to you then if you were to handle the case on your own. Every case is taken on a contingency fee basis.